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Reality Check provides drug and alcohol addiction prevention, treatment, education, and recovery services to New Hampshire residents, their families, and to employers. Please join us to collectively make a greater impact on this public health crisis.


  • Develop drug & alcohol prevention plans for school districts and communities;
  • Provide support finding treatment that’s right for you;
  • Provide recovery support services;
  • Provide training and scholarships leading to certificates and licensure in the addictions field;
  • Employer Services to support employees and become a Recovery Friendly Employer
  • Build new partnerships in communities to collectively reduce alcohol and drug use, abuse, and overdoses.


8am-4pm Monday-Friday
Saturday as needed
Closed Sunday


17 Turnpike Rd, Jaffrey NH, 03452

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Holistically reduce drug and alcohol use, addiction, and overdose, and the related social and economic costs to New Hampshire families and to the state, by providing comprehensive addiction prevention, treatment, recovery, and education services to NH residents and employers.


People and communities support and empower each other to rebuild social connections


In 2008, shortly after beginning her own Recovery from alcoholism, Mary Drew founded Reality Check as a nonprofit to help other people in her community also struggling with alcohol and drug abuse and addiction.  
Mary and the original Board of Directors met in her kitchen for 8 years until 2016, when Reality Check was awarded a 5-year Drug-Free Communities grant from the White House - Office of National Drug Control Policy to serve school districts in south-central NH with drug & alcohol prevention planning and implementation guidance.

Reality Check has since expanded its services and now provides treatment and recovery services, addiction training, and strategies to NH Employers to become “Recovery Friendly” worksites supporting employees with substance use issue.

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