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Peer Recovery Support, Family Support, Parent Education, and Training Issues of substance use and poverty are the leading concerns brought to our Community Meetings. These two concerns affect families, either directly or indirectly and have been exacerbated by parental stress due to the impact of COVID-19. Our programs and services aim to meet our mission, and create a welcoming place that all community members can feel welcome to ask questions and find connections with people, resources, information and more… Our two-generation approach, working with parents, grandparents, and children, led to the growth of parent education, kinship navigation and peer recovery supports. We believe that prevention, intervention, treatment, and sustaining recovery from the hurts, habits and hang-ups that are faced today, are all tied together. We believe that as a community, we can change a life course trajectory for a child when comprehensive, customized, strength-based supports are accessed by parents and grandparents, friends and relatives. All are welcome, in a judgment-free environment, to access supports based on their shared needs, or to volunteer with us.


Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm; Saturday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Some meetings and classes are scheduled after hours.


5 Prospect St. Tilton, NH 03276

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Support is often available after hours through direct supports. Call the center or use the chat feature on the website and you may choose to leave a message or direct the call to the on-call coach.

Mission/Vision of The Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center

The Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center purpose is to strengthen and empower individuals, families and the Greater Tilton Area Community by promoting health, well-being, and self-sufficiency through positive relationships, support, collaboration and education. Our vision is to be a Family Resource Center of Quality, Certified by the Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services and the National Standards of Quality for Family Resource Centers… a place that all community members can feel welcomed to ask questions and find connections to information and resources that strengthen and empower people of our community.

History of Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center

The GTA-FRC was founded as a result of conversations hosted by the pastors of the Tilton Churches with other community leaders interested in addressing the most pressing needs of the community. Consultants were brought in with community organizing experience to speak with the pastors about next steps to begin identifying and addressing the needs. The Northfield-Tilton Congregational Church opened their doors to be a host site for a community conversation. An active community volunteer and the pastor of the church met at a substance misuse summit and committed to ‘doing something’ to address the needs. One became our first Director, the other our first President. A local health care navigator, already working in the church food pantry, committed to the effort after hearing about the vision. She became the second President. About thirty people attended the first community invitation meeting. A seed was planted that began to grow. A Steering Committee was formed. The community was invited to participate in sharing the most pressing needs felt in the area. One year after hosting the first structured meeting to open a Family Resource Center in the area, the GTA-FRC was born. In May of 2016, the organization became an official non-profit Family Resource Center with a goal of being a resource to all families of the area, with a special focus on building bridges out of poverty, early childhood concerns and addressing the effects of substance use disorders affecting our community. In 2016 a concerted effort to grow the Peer Recovery Support Program was supported with help of a facilitating organization. A storefront was opened on Main Street Tilton for two years, but the growth of the organization, added services and the need for more meeting and office space led to a move in March of 2018 to a 3,500 square foot facility at 5 Prospect Street, walking distance from the former locations and still considered part of the downtown district. After meeting the National Standards of Quality for both family support services and peer recovery support services, the agency is proud to be designated a Family Resource Center of Quality by the NH Wellness and Prevention Council as well as being accredited by the National Council on Accreditation of Peer Recovery Support Services, as well as recognized by the Governor on NH as a Recovery Friendly Workplace. In December of 2020, a second site opened in Franklin.


Family Supports Include:

  • Adult/Parent Education/Early Learning Opportunities
  • Home Visiting and Early Learning Opportunities – Happy Trails Drop In Playgroup, Happy Trails Wellness Club, using evidence based activities for parents and their children ages 0-3
  • Parent Education – Positive Solutions for Families, Parents as Teachers, Active Parenting of Teens, Cooperative Co-Parenting, Tenant 101, S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting, Recovery Works (back to work), Recovery Basics for Parents, Forever Hope: Supporting Parenting Women with SUD, All for Baby (concrete needs), Welcome Child To the Community (home visit for resource education to families with pre-natal to age 5), Two Generation Approach to Recovery, Parenting Journey in Recovery, VROOM Implementation Skill Based Attachment
  • Sober Threads Peer Recovery Supports – Recovery Coaching, Recovery Support Services, Telephone Recovery Supports, Recovery Coach Academy and associated CRSW Trainings, and more as we host collaborating partners
  • Forever Hope Training Center – CRSW Track Trainings, Many hosted and delivered trainings for those interested in supporting families or individuals affected or afflicted by SUD

Tilton Area Family Resource Center