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Be Prepared for Rejection

Denial Allows Your Child's Addiction To Thrive

By: Donna M.

Parents are often in denial when they initially find out that their teen or adult child(ren) may have a problem with drugs and or alcohol. It's a brutal reality that takes most parents by storm and years to come to grips with because their initial thought process is; NOT MY CHILD! Parents initial denial typically sounds like: "I would know, I'm very close to my child" or "my child would never lie to me". Be aware that every day a parent is in denial, their child's active addiction, alcoholism is allowed to thrive.

When a child is lost in the bowels of his, her addiction, alcoholism they cannot comprehend that their parents have their best interest at heart; that you are trying to help them to stay alive and get the help they need. An addicted person sees their parent as part of the problem, "if they just left me alone", "if they would just mind their own business" an addicted person justifies that they wouldn't have the need to self-medicate.

When your child is in active addiction be aware that your child is capable of playing the victim role, making up stories about lost jobs, lost relationships and unethical behavior to get money from you. Love, truth and honor will take a back seat when your child is lost in the bowls of his, her active addiction.

It is important for parents to understand that as soon as the drugs take effect, the very first time your child uses, your child's ability to be analytical shuts down, and their capacity for objective thoughts and decisions decreases.

Be prepared for rejection when you can't be manipulated by your child who is in active addiction. When you allow your teen or adult child or children who are in active addiction to be comfortable in their addiction, to be comfortable in your home and to be comfortable in your life, your child will have no motivation to change.

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Monday, 25 October 2021