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  • icon Donna Marston
  • icon Arthur H. Woodard Jr
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Donna found her voice and her passion while dealing with her son's addiction recovery (May of 2008) from Opiod addiction. Donna advocates in the state of N.H. for more resources to be available for people who are seeking help from addiction and for their family members.

Donna is a Certified Recovery Support Worker, a Nami Certified Parent Support Group Facilitator, a trained Recovery Coach, a member of the Governors Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Recovery Task Force. Author of Peeling The Onion and founder of Families Sharing Without Shame ( who was awarded New Hampshire Providers Associations- 2015 "Recovery Provider of The Year".

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I am Arthur H. Woodard Jr. MSW, UCONN School of Social Work 1984,
I am a SOULcial Worker/HELPer.
I am a Master Recovery Coach/Trainer.
I am engaged in Learning, PrACTicing and Teaching Recovery and Care. I am a SOULcial Worker whose practice has evolved through personal, educational, clinical and practical experiences since 1974 (2 years after I earned a B.A. in Economics from Yale).
I am a HueMan Be-ing in long-term recovery since 1978 from addiction and stress.

In my role as a Master Recovery Coach/CCAR Trainer,

  • I have co-facilitated over 40 CCAR Recovery Coach Academies (RCA) and over 30 Training Of Trainers (TOT) since my own participation in January 2009.
  • I have co-facilitated the RCA in CT, MA, MD, IA, IL and NY.
  • I facilitate RCAs and TOTs in the role of Recovery Coach.
  • I am a Learner, Doer, Teacher of Recovery and Recovery Coaching.

In my role as a Recovery Coaching Consultant with CCAR,

  • I develop and deliver Recovery Coach Performance Support (RCPS) Services to CCAR volunteers and RCA graduates.
  • I provide RCPS to CCAR’s 3 Recovery Community Centers (RCC) monthly through facilitating an hour and a half (CEU eligible) collaborative learning opportunity to enhance and strengthen recovery coaching science and skills.
  • I have developed and delivered a monthly hour-long CCAR CART Webinar through subscription to enhance and strengthen recovery coaches’ in the developing their Art of Coaching Recovery.
  • I enCourage Recovery Coaches in Training (RCIT) to prACTice Learning, Living and Leading Recovery as a means for supporting their performance in helping a peer’s recovery and their self care.
  • I model Actively Listening, Asking Good Questions and Managing My Stuff while Treating RCITs as Resources.  
  • I teach best what I most need to learn and when I teach I learn twice.