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People Can and Do Recover

There are many horrific stories about people who suffer from the disease of addiction, unfortunately society doesn't often hear about the success stories, the miracles and the obstacles that many people who have a substance use disorder overcome; how they move forward in their lives functioning in a capacity they and their loved ones may have never imagined that they could achieve.

I asked a NH Journalist a few years ago why they don't do a series on the people who have learned to build a solid foundation of recovery. The answer that was given to me was that "recovery doesn't sell". What a disservice to the people who are living lives that provide hope to people who are sick and suffering and the people who love and care about them. In my humble opinion, I think it's extremely important that society hears about the positive side of addiction/alcoholism, I think it's important for society to know how people with a substance use disorder often overcome the challenges, the stigma, and the loneliness associated with their brain disorder.

Whether it sells or not, the miracle of recovery needs to be celebrated and recognized so that parents, loved ones, friends and business associates are able to hold onto their hope when they love and care about someone who is sick and suffering.

I would like to introduce you to Peter, Jillian and Jesse, three amazing young adults who have uninterrupted long term recovery, who continue to give back by sponsoring people who want what they have and who continue to go out on commitments to spread their positive message of how to build a solid foundation of recovery.

Peter began his journey into recovery at the age of 25, in 2008. Three months after leaving treatment, Peter was went on many interviews and was offer an apprentice position, three years into his recovery he purchased his first home without a co-signer, eight years into his recovery he got married, ten years into his recovery he became a Father to a beautiful baby boy and opened a HVAC business with his younger brother. Peter is also a Real Estate Investor and he and his beautiful wife are expecting a new little bundle of joy in October of this year.

Jillian began her journey into her recovery at the age of 23 in 2009. In 2010 she met her soon to be husband and they welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl in 2012. Four years into her recovery Jillian and her husband (also a person in recovery) purchased their first home. In 2015 they welcomed their beautiful boy into their family. Jillian continues to follow her dreams, she has graduated from multiple yoga instructor trainings since she started her journey of long term recovery. Jillian brings her love of yoga to several groups in her community that bring yoga and wellness to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Jesse began his journey of recovery began in 2005 when he was faced with multiple felony charges for his addiction. Facing serious consequences for his actions, he changed his daily habits and got serious about his recovery. Today Jesse is a trainer, a group empowerment facilitator, motivational speaker, best-selling author of Smash Your Comfort Zone with Cold Showers, and founder of Entrepreneurs in Recovery™. He holds a Master's degree in Counseling, is a Certified Professional Coach and a L.E.A.F. Certified Practitioner (Leading with Experiential Appreciative Facilitation). He works with several addiction treatment centers, communities and programs in the Northeast U.S. where he trains and facilitates his Entrepreneurs in Recovery workshops and facilitation

My son's drug addiction caused me to feel stress and to live in fear which influenced my daily activities; my son and his addiction became my obsession. Bottom line is that I became addicted to saving my son from his addiction to heroin and the end result was that my son became my drug of choice and it took me years to get emotionally and physically healthy again..

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If you are friends, family, or in contact with someone in recovery, there are many ways to be helpful to them for their ongoing journey. The first step is to investigate how to be supportive. 

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If you don't know what you don't know about recovery it will be difficult to be a part of the solution.

What do you know about Recovery?

What do you not know about Recovery?

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