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Overcoming Adversity in Recovery

By Donna M.

Drug and alcohol addiction thrives on secrecy, deception, and denial, it can turn good people into people their family doesn't recognize and it typically destroys anything and everything that was good in their lives.

Media thrives on the mess that addiction creates in people's lives; it's rare that they air a story of how people overcome the adversity associated with their substance use disorder.You don't often hear the powerful stories of how someone went from being homeless to running a recovery center, or the person that spent time in jail who later in life became an attorney.

When a person is building a solid foundation of recovery they are learning to be honest, their lives are no longer controlled by secrets, deception and lies.People in recovery are freed from the bondage of self and their addiction, they learn a sense of community and in time they learn to feel their feelings and deal with them rather than medicating them.

I am proud to tell you how my son turned his life around when he started his journey of recovery on Mother's Day May 11, 2008.My son went to treatment for twenty-eight days, two weeks into living at the facility; he decided to work harder at his recovery than at getting high, he ended up staying there for almost three months. In the first six months of his recovery, he took a position as an apprentice for an HVAC company, three years into his recovery he purchased his first home (without a cosigner), four years into his recovery his younger brother asked if he could be his roommate (I didn't think that relationship would ever heal). Eight years into his recovery he married his beautiful wife, ten years into his recovery they became parents to a beautiful little boy along with starting an HVAC business with his brother.

On May 11, 2019 my son will celebrate eleven years of recovery, he now owns multiple homes along with a thriving business. My son has joy and love in his life; he has become a productive, highly functioning adult who pays it forward by helping other people in recovery learn how to become an entrepreneur. 

A curse can be a blessing and a blessing can be a curse, the curse of addiction almost destroyed my son, my family and me.The blessing of my son's recovery has allowed us to rebuild our relationship, find our serenity, regain our sanity and restore our health.

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