By Arthur H. Woodard

How do you HELP individuals achieve the task of Detoxing Emotionally as identified in Stage Two of the Stages of Recovery?

How willing and able are you in understanding and engaging in a process of emotional detoxing?

This HUBLOG offers an opportunity to identify how you might identify what emotional detox is and how you might teach and support an individual to address the Stage Two of Recovery – Deepening task of Emotional Detox.

Deepening is defined as extending inward, downward of forward; richness; a deeper understanding that informs and helps recoverees and their supporters in an emotional detox task and process.

My own understanding of emotional detox has been deepened as a result of my co-facilitating the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy over the last ten years. I have come to understand emotional detox thusly.

When we are in this state, our self-destructive emotions and self-sabotage become a vicious cycle and makes it more difficult to motivate or push ourselves to reach our goals.

The major emotional toxins that we might experience and hopefully will become aware of include:

These emotional toxins are a root cause of stress and self-sabotage that creates unrecognized chaos because we are many times unaware of or in denial about our patterns.

As a result of my learning, doing and teaching to support addressing emotional detox, I ask following questions:

Emotional detox is a Healing process.

Healing is: