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DevelopingART of Self-Responsibility:

By Arthur H. Woodard

How do you HELP individuals achieve the task of Developing Self-Responsibility as identified in Stage One of the Stages of Recovery?

How response-able are you in developing your self?

This HUBLOG offers an opportunity to identify how you might prACTice self-development as a means of personal well-being and being able to teach and support an individual in addressing Stage One of Recovery – Stabilization task of Developing the ART of Self-Responsibility.

In my own efforts to understand and prACTice taking responsibility for my self, very early in my recovery process I read Jess Lair's I Don't Know Where I'm Going, But I Sure Ain't Lost. This resource offered the following quote regarding Responsibility and Self-Honesty:

"Even when we see the truth we still try to deny it. We try to deny the truth because most of us weren't taught this kind of responsibility. How could we be taught it? Our parents and out teachers and our ministers didn't know it either. A crucial part of taking responsibility for ourselves is looking honestly at our selves so we can see we put our selves in our own prison. We made the choices that brought us here. It takes the deepest kind of self-honesty to see this."

I have embraced this quote/concept throughout the course of my efforts to learn, prACTice and teach how to develop self-responsibility in a recovery or personal development (empowerment) process.

As a result I have developed and share a diagram resource that provides a way of looking at the "internal assets and strengths" for developing Personal Responsibility. This diagram resource HELPs me to HELP individuals to think about and develop goals and tasks of developing self-responsibility.

The Internal Assets and Strengths I've embraced to be learned and prACTiced to Develop the ART of Personal Responsibility involve:

Commitment to Learning
A Way of Living Well
Social Competency
Positive Identity

In order to provide a more focused way of thinking about and tasking these Internal Assets and Strengths of Personal Development I offer individuals the following outline:

Commitment to Learning

  • Demonstrating motivation to do and be well.
  • ACTively engaging in learning.
  • Caring about learning.

A Way of Living Well

  • ACTSupporting Wellness
  • Promoting equality and social justice.
  • Valuing integrity and honesty.
  • Valuing responsibility and restraint.

Social Competency

  • Learning and prACTicing planning and decision-making skills.
  • Learning and prACTicing functional relationship skills.
  • Learning and prACTicing emotional intelligence skills.
  • Learning and prACTicing coping and pressure resistance skills.
  • Learning and prACTicing problem and conflict management skills.

Positive Identity

  • Developing healthy personal power.
  • Developing high self-esteem.
  • Believing life has purpose and meaning.
  • Having a positive view of the future/Hope.

EMPOWER U. is a learning, doing and teaching resource I developed and utilize to guide individuals' Personal Development ACTivitieS.

EMPOWER U. provides a focus on the personal development issues relating to Support, Empowerment, Boundaries and Expectations and Constructive Use of Time. EMPOWER U. 2 EMPOWER OTHERS.

PrACTicing Stress and Anxiety Management:


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